Those who have been through it understand that a major home construction project is often one of the most stressful experiences they will go through in life.  There are too many regulations, too many specialists, and too many personalities to deal with. It can all make the owner’s time and “education” commitment as onerous as the budgetary commitment on a major project.  The construction industry has been built to exploit these realities, but there’s no need. PACS Architecture offers a better solution.


As one of NYC’s leading architecture firms, PACS Architecture has developed a scope of services that goes way beyond the industry standard.  Unlike many architecture firms, who are merely one piece of the project puzzle, PACS is expert at managing the entire process. By directing all aspects of design and construction, through all phases, we take the burden and stress of the renovation process off of the homeowner, while ensuring design excellence that is executed at a fair price.  This allows our clients to focus on the fun part of their project, the excitement of seeing their dream home come to fruition.  


  • Programming & Budgeting (hard and soft costs)

  • Project scheduling (pre-design through construction sign-offs)

  • Phased design services with ongoing budget/schedule “health-checks”

  • Regulatory entity coordination and approvals (Building department, Landmarks, Coop/Condo, etc.)

  • Consulting team procurement & coordination

  • Competitive bidding and negotiation coordination of all primary contractors

  • Full construction administration services, including requisition review and approvals

  • Project close-out, punch-listing and sign-off coordination

Partners Alex Shkreli, AIA and Paul Capece, AIA have established a rich network of consultants and contractors suited to tackle the most demanding projects.  We bid all construction work competitively and personally level all bids in order to insure a fair price. When requested, we can also bid to contractors outside of our network, as homeowners sometimes prefer to use one that they already have a relationship with.  Whether it’s our contractor or yours, your project will be handled with the same level of care and professionalism by our team.  

PACS Architecture has an established track record for quality of design and project execution, however, we feel that our ability to shepherd the process with specific attention to the client’s end goal and budget is our greatest strength.  We offer a process that minimizes homeowner stress and allows the design and build process, which is inherently exciting, to also be fun.  

Please contact us and schedule an appointment to discuss your home construction project.  

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