Prior to co-founding PACS Architecture in 2011, Alex Shkreli headed his own rm, Alex Shkreli Architect, where he designed and managed the construction of a number of luxury residential and commercial projects. Between 2000 and 2005, Alex worked at BKSK Architects, where he managed several traditional and transitional high-end residential projects in addition to a number of award-wining restorations of historic buildings. During this period, he gained hands-on experience and a broad knowledge of building and zoning codes. Later, as a project manager for Francois de Menil Architects, he oversaw the development of a series of modern single-family residential projects and developments in both New York City and Houston, TX. Through his work over the last fteen years, Alex has developed a distinctive modern aesthetic and a passion for nding the best possible solution to every design problem.



Historic design combined with modern innovation make The Hubert one of the most striking new towers in the Tribeca West Historic District. Elements like a cast stone base, vertical brick piers, minimal brick spandrels and thin-pro le metal sash windows speak the industrial language of the neighborhood. Set-backs beginning on the fth oor allow a two-story “crown” to emerge and create a subtle modern facade. Two distinctly contemporary townhouses knit the block together while allowing the tower to stand independently.

Alex Shkreli, AIA: Project Manager, BKSK Architects



Built in 1859 and renovated and expanded by Frederick Clarke Withers in 1881, this historic residence suffered a number of ill-conceived alterations over the years. When new owners purchased the house in 2002, they hired BKSK Architects to restore it to its greatest period, that of Withers. A massive restoration revealed many original elements, which were preserved and incorporated into the new design. Found elements that were too damaged to use were meticulously reproduced. The result is an historic restoration that returns the residence, inside and out, to a High Victorian Gothic style.

Alex Shkreli, AIA: Project Manager, BKSK Architects